While I was listening to the chorus of Chris Tomlin’s song “Our God,” I was struck with a terrible thought, one that some might call ridiculous or find offensive.

Is God still standing for us, specifically here in America?

There’s a stark contrast between Christianity in America and Christianity in the rest of the world like China, Somalia, and elsewhere.  Here, we have a very closed-off faith.  We shelter ourselves in the four walls of our home or church, and our glimpses of faith from outside these walls come only from an occasional visit from a missionary, if even that.  Voluntarily or involuntarily, we have inoculated ourselves from the suffering and pain that others are experiencing for their faith.

But, when you look at these countries, and nations like South Korea, you see something noticeably different behind all of the misery – a spiritual richness that is absent here in the US.  As we as a nation have continued to prosper (and despite the recession, living standards are incomparably higher than most of the world), our opulence has led to nothing but spiritual poverty.  We have no need for God because we have everything we want at our fingertips.  We’ve replaced the true essence of the Christian faith with beliefs and practices that mirror our society, and rather than challenging society with that faith, we conform to the world around us.

Yet, looking at the church where horrible persecution exists, you see devotion, love, and spiritual growth.   Despite the fear of death, many are willing to stand up and proclaim Christ while we cower in fear at the prospect of being mocked or jeered.

I do believe God stands with believers.  I just pray that we stand for Him before it’s too late.