As anyone who has bought or built a house knows, a strong foundation is essential to having a sound structure.    A family is no different.   In fact, the family foundation and structure is so important that God uses it to describe His relationship to us.    Sometimes, though, it’s too easy to see these images as mere symbols for God’s love for us, when actually they are the ways God loves us.  I’ve known of God’s love for me, but when I met Brittney, my wife, I came to know of His love in a deeply personal way that I have never experienced before.    My love for her is a reflection of His love for me.  I know that to truly pour my love into her, to love her in the way Paul talks about in Ephesians 5, that I must love Christ with all that I am.  Only this way can I lift her up to Christ as a holy bride without blemish and love her the way she deserves to be loved.

One day when we have kids, they will look to us.  The foundations that my wife and I have laid will be the foundations they begin their lives with.  I pray that when they look at me, they will see the love of Christ reflected through me and come to know the passion of His love for us.